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Biotech & Pharma

LiveScience industry face a pressing demand to accelerate time to market, our automation and application modernization solutions enable them to address this demand.  A large amount of crucial data is generated by the industry related to health statistics, cost of care, and compliance patterns our Business Intelligence and advanced analytics solutions enable the organizations to generate meaningful insights from the data and facilitate decision making.


Our solutions for healthcare span from patient record management, Compliance solutions, appointments tracking to drug stocks management. Our enterprise solutions enable our clients to build an effective IT infrastructure enable out clients to deliver personalized care and meet complex regulatory requirements.

Banking and Financial Services

Our solutions for BFSI span from user experience management, knowledge management to  compliance management. Our automation and enterprise solutions play a vital role in helping organizations use existing infrastructures in data management and knowledge management. Our business intelligence and advanced analytics enable organization to enhance customer satisfaction and achieve long term relationship.

Energy & Utilities

We ensure a seamless integration of business applications, client history and problem history and enable organizations to become more customer-centric and achieve enhanced satisfaction. Our automation and enterprise solutions enable organizations to reduce cost and better compliance management.


Our automation and enterprise solutions help organizations to enhance the utilization of existing infrastructures and improve cost effectiveness across the value chain from order management, operations management, knowledge management to delivery management.  Our data management, business intelligence and analytics solutions enable organizations to manage data from products, customers, supply chains and production operations and generate actionable insights.

Industries we serve

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